The Bridge Of Fire

The Bridge Of Fire

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A power that was yet to be discovered.
A woman who stands to lose everything.
A series of unexplained murders.
A big secret that was not supposed to be uncovered.

A small village in England called Snowshill was the perfect getaway for the two sisters after their aunt's death. The questions still stands, was it a random death? or maybe a murder?
Snowshill was always a village full of life, now it had turned into a village full of death and destruction. 

Victoria was suddenly trapped at her own mind. One diary that held all the secrets inside...She dared to open it but...she wouldn't of known the danger she was putting hers and her sister's life.

They said.." Dreams can't become reality" well for Victoria that doesn't count. She is Victoria...and she predicts the future through her dreams. Whatever she sees in her sleep the previous night, happens the very next day.


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