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Titania-Queen of the fairies By moonlightwolves Updated 2 days ago

Guys, i'm delving into HP FAN-FICTION!! looking forward to our feedback!!!

After the battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter is framed for the murder of Arthur Weasley and sentenced to life in Azkaban. Nine years later, he breaks out and seeks revenge on those who had forsaken him. When he finally dies, he wakes up in his ten year old body, a year before his Hogwarts letter is to arrive. completely baffled, way more insane than anyone would care to admit and somewhat looking forward to beating Dumbledore at his own game this time, Harry sets out to find out exactly what the fuck happened to him.

PS. I'm not very good at synopsis as you know but the story is definitely good and it has a lot of hot man sex in it. i tried to keep them in character some but this is my universe so they are oocs as well.

And yes, I'm trying to bribe you with the sex. heheheheheh

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