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Meg McGorry By LadyKnightMeg Updated Mar 02

Dragons went extinct in Emares hundreds of years ago as a result of the war waged between the Crown and the mages. Or so the Emarians thought. 

Blayre has always hated secrecy, but secrecy has always been a necessary skill for her survival in Emares. A girl with the ability to sense magic is a valuable asset to anyone in power. 

But now she must protect an even bigger secret, and an even more valuable asset - a dragonling named Azure, whose existence could change the fate of their kingdom, and maybe even the world. 

With Caval and Fletcher at her side, Blayre embarks on a desperate journey to the free city of Solpor, where the greatest University in the world is located. Here they must meet with scholars to learn as much as they can about dragons, and form alliances for protection. 

Meanwhile, Duke Rorrick has learned a difficult truth about his cousin, and must try to track Blayre down - For himself, and for what he believes is the good of Emares.

Read about Blayre's first adventure in UNMARKED

Cover by @mulanjiang

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