Northern Lights (Fantasy! Bakugou x Fem! Reader)

Northern Lights (Fantasy! Bakugou x Fem! Reader)

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False Confidence By Queen_of_Explosions Updated Sep 01, 2019

(Y/N) started life with happiness. Her tribe Ruled the Northern kingdom with pride and honor.

As (Y/N) being the only heir to her father's throne, much was expected from her. At the age of 4 she was already learning how to take care of her people with kindness.

Although, on her 5th birthday.

Her tribe and kingdom was wiped out by a neighboring kingdom who feared her own. Thus, many lives were lost, including (Y/N)'s parents.

Oo did you like~ if so check it out!

WARNING!! There WILL be foul language, Violence, And possibly Mature Scenes!!

/ I do not own any of the characters, they all belong to the creator of my fav anime, Baku no hero academia/