My Next door Jerk ( #Wattys2016 )

My Next door Jerk ( #Wattys2016 )

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Marina Zarif By MarinaZarif Completed

There's a known proverb says "True love begins with hatred 

They   First Met on the bus and the first conversation between them was a big argument !  Kasey  was a good  girl who get high grades but Danny was totally the opposite ( In Her opinion) , she found out that they are  neighbors ..  and that she had to face him every Morning which she hated .. 
when she got to know him she found out  many things about him  and that he wasn't as Bad as she thought ..  Funny Things happened between them ..etc xp 
 Um not going to say More ;) please read and support it's my first story xD 

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" It's My own Imagination :D " 
* Not Related to any Facts in the Real Life .. Teen Fiction Story 

Jennifan47372 Jennifan47372 Aug 16, 2016
seems like a cool story... like how the author says we can imagine ourselves as kasey in the  'cast' also, dear author- if you are listening... sweatheart is spelt with two "ee's" not sweat😅
YaraQashou YaraQashou Mar 07
The first paragraph makes me feel like a potato😂😂😂😂😂
NeverEndingStoryJG NeverEndingStoryJG Nov 25, 2016
such a good tory!even though,not my languge i'm glad i found out your story because it's excellent! congrats girl!
fairyflossgirl12 fairyflossgirl12 Jun 16, 2016
This feels really weird because I have people in my class called Danny and Kasey. Very awkward because the Kasey in my class is actually VERY quiet, she doesn't talk to anyone, except about 3 people including me of course.
Hameed786 Hameed786 Apr 02, 2016
Love the storyline... but it sounds a bit too Indian. No offense to anyone :(
Diamond_Heart00 Diamond_Heart00 Aug 13, 2015
don't care what others say just keep on going everybody make mistakes even on the most popular books there is mistakes. love the story.