Please Don't Go  (ON HOLD)

Please Don't Go (ON HOLD)

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CarleighAnne By Carlaya_Theater Updated Mar 01

Theodora Young is a first timer to a public school. She befriends the school klutz and the bad boys of Silver Lake High School. 

Example from Chapter Four:

"Do you want to talk about it?" Mother asked. I gave her a confused look but she pointed to my hoodie, Daniel's hoodie.

"I remember every detail of that night mother." I whisper as a small tear escaped the barrier of emotions I've built.

"It's okay to feel emotion Theodora." Mother reminded me. I sniffled and looked up to her soft gaze.

"No it's not. Not in the life we live." I said before getting up and facing her still sitting figure.

"I'm going to fight. At the warehouse, I'm going next Friday." I said before walking back into my room.

I heard my mother sigh but close my doors while I climbed into bed. I closed my eyes and got my nightly play by play of the night I realized our lives were a lie.