Beyond the Door

Beyond the Door

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Every family has secrets.

The Beckett Family has a lot of secrets.

Cass Sampson, after the deaths of her parents, decides to start fresh in a new town.  By chance, she drives into Silver Lake, New York and things seem to fall into place for her.  Cass finds a job, an apartment, and a makes a great friend.  It seems her life is getting back on track...until she meets Brent Beckett.

Brent is the middle son of the prominent Beckett family.  After a string of unfortunate events, Brent is the head of the family business and essentially controls Silver Lake. Brent sweeps Cass off her feet by taking advantage of her fragile mental state and manipulating her.  He has his ideal wife in mind and has targeted Cass for that role.  The two marry after only a few weeks of dating.

After the wedding, Cass quickly learns what she got herself into. Not only is Brent abusive and controlling, he also has a secret in the basement.  It is there that he holds his older brother, Ethan, prisoner.

United by Brent's oppression, Cass and Ethan form a friendship and a trust.  Through a basement door and a secret opening in a wall, the friendship grows into more.  They find themselves falling for each other despite the odd circumstances.

Unable and unwilling to escape independently, Cass and Ethan work towards freedom together.

***This book contains violence and sexual situations that may be triggering or upsetting to some readers. Warnings of such content will be placed at the beginning of the chapters.

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