Human Untouched: Requiem Of The State

Human Untouched: Requiem Of The State

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Sequel to Human Untouched (Wattpad Featured Story in Action)

She said goodbye to the Rebellion.

She said goodbye to her old allies, deciding once and for all to cut all ties with them and devote herself to her new job. All Terra has to look forward to is her freedom. But that comes at a heavy price as well.

She now leads a life not unlike the one she had with the Rebellion. But being outside... being free, comes with its own challenges. It means dealing with her parents and the disgruntled people of Section D, both of whom want answers she can't give without risking her and their lives. But she knows she can't let them hold her back. The heavy weight of all the secrets that she carries chains her to her past, attacking her new life in the present with every opportunity that comes up.

With a new life and new responsibilities she's learning to juggle, living and laughing freely with friends who trust her implicitly, and opening herself up to the possibility of a life with someone who knows all her secrets... Terra is learning that surviving is not the same as living. And she's finally living.

But has she let her guard down too soon? Tragedy seems to dog her path every step of the way. She's just taken one step into her future, only to be pulled three back.

Who shall be waiting for her at the end of this path? Will she burn all her bridges just to get the answers she seeks? Or will she perish in the flames she has set?

Read on to continue Terra's journey.

Book 2 - A Continuation of "Human Untouched"

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