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Soul Mates

Soul Mates

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Kathrin Zak By kathrinzak Completed

Soul mate tattoos, quite the phenomenon no one will ever completely get. Many scientists and historians have tried creating theories to solve it, but none have been successful. Many give up, or accept the fact it is a mystery that may not be solved.
What is a soul mate tattoo, you may ask? Well, it's a tattoo that is completely permanent and painless. You see, it's a tattoo that shows up on your right wrist, anytime between ages thirteen and fifteen, though, rarely, it may show up as late as your eighteenth birthday. It says your soul mate's first name and last initial. No further information.
Some people wait their entire lives to find their mate. Some die without ever knowing. Some marry people who aren't their soul mates, so they aren't alone forever. Some search forever, looking at everyone's wrists. Others don't care enough, covering their tattoo with a watch or bracelet.
Reagan Troy-Paige got her tattoo abnormally early in life. She was almost ten years old when it had shown up. She had been putting on a bracelet, when she saw the curvy writing on her wrist. 'Louis A.'
That day, and the rest of the year, the young child was the most envied girl at her school, getting her tattoo before people three, four, even five grades ahead.
Now, in late 2014, Reagan is almost twenty, her birthday on New Year's Eve. She has yet to find her mate, after ten years, but also has yet to give up. She wants to find her mate. Louis.
When Reagan begins to question her search and everything she's gone through, one meeting sends her life spiraling. Struggling, she juggles finding out who Louis A. is, being signed as One Direction's stylist, and helping her stepfather support her mother - and baby siblings - who had supported her for so many years.

How do you just guess this right? Sorry but that's just kinda too unrealistic.
hollypxge hollypxge Nov 19, 2016
Is Louis' name on her wrist going to change form Austin to Tomlinson or?
little_mixer2124 little_mixer2124 Apr 12, 2015
wouldn't it be louis T not louis A Because you said it would be their name then their first letter of their last name not to sound rude or anything
kathrinzak kathrinzak Feb 25, 2015
@American_Idiot13 it's cool because I see the word nail and assume it's niall spelled wrong
American_Idiot13 American_Idiot13 Feb 25, 2015
@yours-to-hold nah I just have a major directioners brain so yeah