country-chans (art book)

country-chans (art book)

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Katya Denisova By Trashykaya Updated May 22

no this isn't a hetalia rip off, well uh, sort of. 

it's a little project i'm working on with my frond who is a jew (not rly lol)

you know, imagine hetalia but with girls and made by matt and trey (south park creators)

i apologize in advance for the offensive stuff lol

also please, for the love of god, while the chans that are considered offensive may have some sexy designs, i do not approve any kawaii desu uwu art of them or anything that depicts them in a lighthearted way (unless it's a joke), don't forget that while the designs are hot, they are still the personification of something that was racist/oppressive. i also do not approve of any racist comments unless they are made for satirical purposes. these were made for fun, not for the purpose of being a bigot.

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