Reluctant Death

Reluctant Death

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Briony By BrionyHeneberry Completed

Micaela Godfrey's life is thrown into disarray after the death of her unborn child; she loses faith in her God and her marriage falls to apathy and emptiness. 
What she finds, however, is that her world is not limited to the personal tragedy she has suffered, and that whispers of the past draw her to a future of endless possibility.
What was once a clear line between right and wrong begins to blur, and reality, she begins to see, may be shaped by thought if a will is strong enough. For her, darkness now moves in the form of corrupted magic, that would seek in her a secret she does not remember, and her fated calling will test even the most stalwart resolve of which she imagined herself capable.

Good guys and bad guys, light and dark, the mundane and the magical: traditional roles get tested in a world like our own, but where truly opening your eyes may mean you see something that you wish you hadn't.

Reluctant Death is not a fluffy bunny story; there are no sparkly vampires or shirtless werewolves strutting around, and the affections of the heroine cannot be won until she is truly a whole person in her own right. What she needs is to find something that was torn from her, and to find it in herself; what she needs is to remember the power that has always been hers, and the responsibilities that come with it; what she needs is to find the courage to accept who she is, and will always be, and walk that fine line of right and wrong in the name of something far bigger than herself.

Reviews and comments appreciated. 

Novel is finished, however notes and other interesting bits may be added!

Damnnn__ Damnnn__ Apr 01, 2015
@BrionyHeneberry i dont know maybe authors like you dont usually do that.
shawn73 shawn73 Jan 21, 2014
I like the writing style, but haven't read the whole book. However; I will. Cant wait.... 
                              Check out- I Am....Gods story
LectoraJose1D LectoraJose1D Jan 04, 2014
Porque no esta en español? entiendo algunas palabras pero no puedo armar parrafos completos:/
BrionyHeneberry BrionyHeneberry May 23, 2013
@abeshek321 How could I forget you Abeshek! Our class was such a... lively... one. :) Thanks for the shout out.
abeshek321 abeshek321 May 23, 2013
Hey miss, 
                              don't know if you still remember me but i just  wanted to say that this is the best book I've read. 
                              regards, Abeshek
BrionyHeneberry BrionyHeneberry May 21, 2013
@BeckyWilliams203 Thanks Becky :) I hope that you took something meaningful from it.