AMBER'S journey

AMBER'S journey

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#5-richboypoorgirl 15/03/2019

"I was a broken woman." Amber

Amber is hot girl in high school, until she become pregnant at 14 years old, what she's will do next??? 


"Dear don't hit her anymore, she's just too young to handle all of this!"

"My family & client will know all this shit she's bring into our family! you bitch!!!"
Daddy tidak habis-habis pukul saya lepas dapat berita saya pregnant dari sekolah macam mana pihak sekolah tahu?


"Teacher, ada student perempuan pengsan.." Unknow person

Teacher pun bawa saya pergi klinik and time tu juga saya kena buat CT-Scan and I was shocked bukan saya tidak tahu apa itu benda, my mommy was a doctor so I knew all of this already.. My pregnancy 5Weeks to 6Weeks already...

"Im a little dissapointed a girl 14 year old can pregnant...huhh" Bilang teacher

"Bitchh.." Pelan dia cakap tapi dia saya boleh dengar juga..

"I'll call you parents very soon.."

"And you little girl, just find another school after we get back at school.."


"I'll divorce with you if you still hit her!" kata mommy

"Then we divorce now! bring you daughter with you!"

(Everyone P.O.V)