Denial: Troyler AU

Denial: Troyler AU

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sachie By spacestardream Updated Aug 16, 2015

It's just too easy to expect that self-proclaimed homophobes (like Troye Sivan) and a homosexuals themselves (like Tyler Oakley) could never get along. Not even mindless vengeful plans or diabolic fake babies or constant mockery or accidental not-dates or attempts to make each other's lives a living hell could force a decent acquaintanceship upon them, much less was there a chance that they'd develop weird yet genuine relationships and feelings that definitely crosses the border of friendship.

It would definitely take a million wishes and miracles just for them to like each other.


Entirety of story is fictional; characters are real life people. There will be unacceptable name callings, swearing, labelling, homophobia, sexuality issues, possible smut. If you are triggered by this, please exit for your own good. I do not condone nor discourage anything in this story. Enjoy reading! 

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Cemeteries-No1 Cemeteries-No1 Jun 04, 2016
I'm finally reading this...I'm ready to become an emotional wreck. Let's do this.
faggotpieceofshit faggotpieceofshit Feb 24, 2017
I looked it up and htf is that u a mouth 👄 😂 🤷‍♀️
Its_kylie Its_kylie May 15, 2016
I'm trying so hard but I can't imagine Troye saying that word I can imagine him saying literally anything else but I cant imagine that ;-;
Its_kylie Its_kylie May 15, 2016
I mean come on regardless of sexuality anyone would check out Tyler's ass
flowersfromsam flowersfromsam May 18, 2016
Hazel is the color you describe somebody's eyes when your in love
Its_kylie Its_kylie May 15, 2016
You know you're trash when you can literally HEAR a little Tyler in your head saying this