Gurney City - Book Two

Gurney City - Book Two

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(Formerly known as The HQ Agent in Gurney City. It is advised to read the first book before reading this book)

Who would have thought that I’m still alive? Apparently, I’m not supposed to be dead in the first place, just disappeared off the face of Earth. Here I am, waiting for my briefing on my new life. A life that no longer include my twin brother or hunting werewolves.

My name is Melanie and this is my new life as an HQ agent.

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RwbyRouge RwbyRouge Jun 27, 2016
Why is that just so Mel though laughed so hard my parents had to read it to make sure it wasn't "inappropriate" and then said that's not funny at all so what's the big deal all I said was typical Melanie
ronniehr ronniehr Jun 09, 2015
What u are to don't I am not to u are a is the to the that is the to u
Piggybabiee Piggybabiee Feb 13, 2015
i havent read the whole book yet just got started on chapter one but ,this book is very interesting
Mysteriousgirl1998 Mysteriousgirl1998 Jan 17, 2015
That's what my grandfather well done Pop pop asked after he woke up after his heart transplant. The doctor took him out when he got better and bought him a coke. I cried at this. Sadly he passed when I was five. I adored him. I still hurts but he is happy now with no pain.
sometypeoftrash sometypeoftrash Jun 14, 2014
Just thought of this. Did you name Red Red bc of tht movie ya know the desendant of Little Red Riding Hood thts a werewolf hunter except this time its a guy?
AutumnxBabe AutumnxBabe Jun 09, 2014
Just finsihed the first book and ready to bring on the next one. Thats right BRING IT ON.
                              ( okay, im a little excited)