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Fangs // a 5SOS fanfiction

Fangs // a 5SOS fanfiction

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irwinsprinkles By irwinsprinkles Updated Jun 18, 2015

"No, no, no stop!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, flailing around gasping for the slightest bit of air. "I'll do anything! Pl-please" I sobbed, using up what little air I had left. I clawed at his ice cold hands trying to get them to release his tightening grip from my throat. Suddenly, his hands flew off of my burning throat, allowing me to suck in a breath of air. "Anything?" He spoke, tilting his head in the cockiest way. "Yes! Anything, Please, I don't wanna d-d-die." I stuttered. "Good, I like to play with my food." He smirked. My eyes turned as big as saucers and I hiccuped from so much crying. He laughed at my reaction. He flashed me a smile, and two, pearly white fangs shown from his mouth. A loud sob escaped my lips, which made him laugh even more. "Shh, we don't want anybody catching us out here." His mood turning quickly. I nodded my head up and down quickly, trying to silence the occasional hiccup that would escape from my throat.   "Good, now lets go." He said pulling me up to his chest, keeping a strong hold to my neck. "Just know, that I won't hesitate to suck all the blood out of you if you attempt to get away from me, and nobody gets away from me." He growled. "O-Okay." I said, pinching my eyes shut.   "Good." He smirked. Then everything went black.

fangs © irwinsprinkles

Megan_Rae22 Megan_Rae22 May 20, 2015
omg Michael wouldn't hurt Ashton....
                              no it hurts just to read this
amypannu amypannu Sep 07, 2014
This is the only funny thing I have read. Nooooot satisfied. Try slowing down and using proper introductions.