✓ | Girls of a Feather | #OpenNovellaContest2019

✓ | Girls of a Feather | #OpenNovellaContest2019

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[ an Open Novella Ambassador's Pick 2019, Longlisted in the Open Novella Contest ]
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Ever since 15-year-old Annemie saw Antsje Pluk, the fairytale figure who supposedly eats children for dessert, she's known that the witch will come for her.  Now that she's no longer a child, the forest doesn't scare her anymore. One night, she sneaks out. But instead of returning safely in the morning, Antsje Pluk curses and captures Annemie, bringing her to a cottage hidden deep in the woods.

Girls have been disappearing from their village for years, but Aleta, Annemie's twin sister, won't let her become one of the lost. In order to save her sister, Aleta must face her fears head-on, find a magical flower, confront an evil witch, and break an age-old curse. Luckily, she has the guidance of an old friend, but the other girl is not what she seems, and there are secrets hidden in the woods.

Sprinkled with Dutch lore, this retelling of a neglected fairytale is filled with witches, moss maidens, and shape-shifting, but it all comes down to some very human traits: bravery, sacrifice, and most of all, love.

cover by @anonymousmlpfan

"A lovely little story, full of brilliant fairy-tale descriptions. Delightful," - JEHallows

"Amazing story! Your attention to detail draws me in and makes me want to read more. I love it!" - violetlsmith

"...a gorgeous story that feels like an old fairytale," - spacetodream