The Girl in The Green Scarf | ✓

The Girl in The Green Scarf | ✓

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His Queen ♛ By PearlandIvory_ Completed


"Green, don't die on me! I can't lose you too.ً"


Hamsa Tahir is free-willed, she's bold, she's stubborn. 

And she's a Muslim.

Her parents were killed in the English invasion of their country, and ever since, she lived her life vehemently hating non-Muslims and all they stood for. 

Sebastian Walsh is cynical, he's arrogant, he's hotheaded. 

And he's an English man!

Not just any English man; he's the son of the invader of Hamsa's land. His mother died at the hands of Muslims when he was young and he grew up with extreme loath for every Muslim's guts.

After an unfortunate incident forces them together, no two people could hate each other more than these two do. 

But what happens when they find themselves forced to trust and help each other in order to survive?

Flyaway32 Flyaway32 Nov 20
This book should seriously be listed in THE BEST BOOKS because its the best
Rocciana Rocciana Nov 29
Hi, I loved your book, keep up the writing and good luck with all future works
Wow! The blurb seems awesome! Something different and not the usual stuff we find on here....looking forward to reading this😊😊
awayfromm awayfromm 6 days ago
The title of this book reminds me of an article in a movie- confessions of a shopaholic 
                              Oh... And waalaykum salam
Fluro_o Fluro_o Jul 28
Whenever you update I do a happy dance plus this book made me appreciate everything around me and IDK how but made me an even better Muslim❤️Thank You so much I'll keep you in my prayers
Girl, I am keeping my breath until you update next!! You have far less viewers than wanted... This should be popular you know... Not, some love cheesy marriage spiritual ones....