A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

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"I had never thought in a million years that a boy who used to hate me, who used to make me cry, who used to play tricks on me could possibly make me fall in love with him.."

Saydie was only four when Ethan started playing tricks on her: purposely spilling his chocolate drink on her white dress, giving her a slimy lizard at the first day of school, blew her sand castle off and much more..  She was brave, yet she felt that this boy had done enough.  When she turned 16, she hadn't expected that a boy like Ethan could hide something from her..

A/N: I wrote this when I was 16 and didn't have the chance to run through it and correct any grammatical mistakes. So if you found any, my bad.

A Beautiful Mess
Copyright © August 2012

Teen Fiction #670

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UNICORN_LOVER_13095 UNICORN_LOVER_13095 Aug 07, 2016
JERKFACE ( well so far I usually have a jerk of the hour he's winning the title so far )
BibbetyBoo BibbetyBoo Aug 28, 2013
Don't Know Why But Your Cover Girl Reminds Me Of Kylie Jenner For Some Reason *_*
thatVanillaGurl thatVanillaGurl Mar 17, 2013
@IfIDieYoungBandPerry that movie is ... FLIPPED!!! Best movie ever :D
_numbered_ _numbered_ Mar 16, 2013
That movie you used, I don't know the name but I've been looking for the name EVERYWHERE!! What's it called?!!? Sorry for seeming pushy I just REALLY want to know!!
BriannaJoMorgan BriannaJoMorgan Nov 12, 2012
@BeautifulWishes thanks:)) I finished early today hahah I didn't put it down good book;))
thatVanillaGurl thatVanillaGurl Nov 12, 2012
@BriannaJoMorgan It's "You Got Me" by Colbie Caillat. Hope you enjoy the story :) thanks so much!