To Befriend a Bad Boy

To Befriend a Bad Boy

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Georgina By floatsus Completed

"I bet you can't befriend Parker Gray and not leave his side for a month." 


Ellie Collins is just like most teenagers out there. She's moody, sarcastic and she plans to graduate High school without any permanent brain damage. In other words, she's planning to stay away from trouble for the rest of the school year.

Parker Gray was a different story. Being another pretty face in the year book was what he least wanted. So he makes sure to live his Senior year to the fullest. 

But what happens when Ellie's plan to stay away from trouble totally backfires when her best friend bets that she can't befriend Mr. bad boy in exactly one month? Ellie, being her competitive self, accepts the bet. 

Some people say that opposites attract, but that's not the case in this story. When two people from different sides of the popularity chain mix, the world is bound to explode.

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hellobyeidk hellobyeidk Jun 29, 2017
and we have the 'cliche' introduction.. "we all have the wattpad cliche..." in every book 😐
jjd5426 jjd5426 May 29, 2017
if someone bumped into me I would be like 
                              Oh No!!! SOCIAL SITUATION RUN!!
hufflepuff_proud hufflepuff_proud May 01, 2017
I like how the girl is making the bet and not the boy like usual
Hisbaby334 Hisbaby334 May 17, 2017
Valley view high school was the name of the high school I went to! Loll
jjd5426 jjd5426 May 29, 2017
This has actually happened to me 
                              Fun Fact- TAPPING PEOPLE IN THE SHOULDER ALWAYS EQUALS NO GOOD!!
                              *Shivers* It hurts just thinking about it
justmine_luver_143_ justmine_luver_143_ Aug 11, 2016
I thought he would slam the door in her face and lock it😂😂😂