My Italian Makeover (REWRITING)

My Italian Makeover (REWRITING)

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Kiara By HelloKeyy Updated Dec 27, 2016

Ciana is the ugly duckling of the Moretti family with frizzy curly hair, big nerdy glasses, braces and no sense of style. Her parents send her off to Italy for the Summer to live with her cousin Julia so she can live up to the Moretti's family name. How will the city react to their new hottest girl in town being Ciana? 

This is a story about a girl who goes from Geek To Chic.

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just_mcdo_it just_mcdo_it Apr 24, 2015
YAS I honestly just watched that movie. I don't care what anyone says, the movie is amazing
cigdaydreams cigdaydreams Feb 02, 2015
if theyre from italy how did were there parents popular in jake, rileys and the main character's high school?
FRESHMAN CLASS PRESIDENT?! Funny thing is this is totally what I'll be.
doodlebop123 doodlebop123 Jul 16, 2014
So what if she's a geek they joule except her for who she is
lisapxx lisapxx Sep 06, 2013
I was born in Italy but when I was 5 I moved to England,but I go to Italy every summer and Christmas so it's okay:)) great story so far xx
mariamorforever mariamorforever Aug 13, 2012
i like it so far! can't wait to see her makeover from geek to to pretty. :D Than again, she shouldn't have to change for anyone, and hopefully someone will accept her for who she is, and will like her the way she is. :D ur writing style is great.Vote earned so far!