Better Than Revenge ♥ [Published]

Better Than Revenge ♥ [Published]

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Taylor Monét By taylormonet Completed

Ever since Violet first moved next door to Brianna, she has been tortured relentlessly. It seems like Brianna has everything, and yet she still doesn't have the one thing she really wants; the one thing that Violet cares about the most; Blake. 

After years of letting Brianna walk all over her, Violet has finally had enough. She’s tired of sitting back and watching as Brianna flirts with Blake, steals her friends, and pushes her around. She’s finally ready to stand up for herself.

To do this, Violet and her new friend Lena devise a plan to make Brianna realize that not everything is hers for the taking, and Violet knows the perfect way to do it. 

After all, nothing is better than revenge. That is, until someone gets hurt.

(Sweet Secrets Series Book 1)

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- - May 24, 2016
you know what I find Ironic? Taylor Swift has a song called "Better than Revenge" and your name is Taylor...
dreamza dreamza Feb 18, 2014
I really love this book! Read it in a day and my eyes were burning SO FREAKING HARD! I wanted to stop but-but i couldn't*sobs uncontrollably*
                              Well Done!
taylormonet taylormonet Jul 17, 2012
@XxNightStripexX Changing it to italics! :) I always tell Ali not to use caps, and then I used them without even noticing. Haha
XxNightStripexX XxNightStripexX Jul 17, 2012
I think you meant I dipped one foot into the water not I dipped on foot. By the way I would appriciate the lack of all caps for NOTHING because I feel like you're screaming in my head. If you would like to add emphasis onto a word, use italics ;) btw I love that song missy! <3
ThinkHappy ThinkHappy Jul 16, 2012
Wow! This sounds amazing! :) I added it to my iPod to read later. I love the plot-line and I love how interesting this sounds. Summer stories are all top quality! Voted & fanning! :)
taylormonet taylormonet Oct 13, 2011
@Saralise Taylor Swift's songs all have great stories inside of them! I'd love to check out your Song Story! Just send me the link in a private message and I'd love to check it out! :D