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Silvia Agu By MUNA_CHIMSO Updated Jan 09

"Please help him, please you have to do something or he's going to die" she pleaded still tugging at the  restraints.

Narrowing his eyes at Jake he arched a brow turning to face her.

"For someone you just met, you seem awfully fond of him" if she didn't know any better she'd think he was  jealous.

Freeing her from the restraints he held both her hands behind her back, she struggled against his hold reaching out for Jake. 

"Don't touch him or I will kill him" he growled into her ear pulling her flush against him. Nuzzling  his head in the crook of her neck, he groaned inhaling sharply. 

"Qué me estás haciendo?" he whispered harshly pulling her against his chest.


A Young waitress fresh out of foster care with dreams of a simple life caught in the cross hairs of a historically accurate melancholic dilemma.


One of Lindale's infamous Lynn twins on a quest he embarked on after the loss of his father. Torn between an undesired emotion and the journey which was once all he knew.