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   "Why, my dear, I'm your enemy." He slyly said. The smirk on his face said a lot. I looked at him confused. He then took off his mask to reveal himself. That smirk that lingered made me queasy. 

   "Daemon Ares. The Alpha of the Ares Pack." I said.

   "Ding. Ding. Ding." His accent was a thick British one. But it was a nice accent. He smiled and came closer to me. "Eros. You are my mate. You will come to my pack. You will carry my children. Mates make you weak and I will not be weak over a little girl." She sneered at me before resuming his old position. 


He brings havoc, she brings peace. 
He thrives on chaos, she love the tranquility. 
He wants to be rambunctious, she wants to be calm. 
He lashes out in anger, she keeps it held. 
They're are both different. Two different packs. Two different people. Yet the same fate.



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