She's One of the Boys

She's One of the Boys

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Dallas Keller is the stereotypical ideal high school girl you see in the movies; tall, blond, pretty, cheerleader, popular and has a football boyfriend. All Dallas wants to do is enjoy her summer before she starts her senior year in high school, but her twin brother Austin has other plans.

Austin is the star quarterback of the football team and plans on partying all summer long, even if it means sacrificing Dallas' plans. When Austin decides to sneak off to Miami with his friends during the summer instead of going to football camp like he usually does he blackmails Dallas into taking his place.

Once Dallas gets to football camp she's pushed to her limit and put to the test by Austin's rival; Jason Perry. Jason is everything Dallas dislikes in a boy; he's arrogant, cocky, loud, obnoxious as well as tall, handsome, athletic and armed with a killer body and smile.

With Dallas and Jason both competing for a top spot to be noticed by college football scouts as well as clashing with their stubborn & headstrong personalities this is going to be a wild summer for Dallas.

Uh'oh trouble about to helping and I think this story is going great so far
why does it feel like this book is going to be a lot like... shes the man ?
indiecoffee indiecoffee Apr 01
Love this :) I like how it's so describing I can really picture everything :D
allikh31 allikh31 Feb 22
JUST REALIZED BOTH OF THEIR NAMES ARE CITIES IN TEXAS!! I feel smart but also dumb because it took me this long
what14fu what14fu Jul 19
Hell no, my name is Hannah and my twins name is Vanessa. Don't even get me started 😫
Is the mom named Texas? It would be funny because then you could say Austin and Dallas are from or came from Texas.