Chasing Lacey North ✓

Chasing Lacey North ✓

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HIATUS By justlyd Completed


One year ago Drew met the love of his life.
Eleven months ago he found out her name and her twitter account.
Ten months ago she moved to Germany.
Now she's back. With his crude best friend Melissa, Drew takes it upon himself to find Lacey, even if it means chasing her around the country with only her sporadic tweets to go off. It's time to take following to a whole new level.

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SignificantAnnoyance SignificantAnnoyance Feb 20, 2016
Awwwws I ship it! Meilien x Jessie! Drew has gay parents, that's so cute! I love this story already
ShanixinRed ShanixinRed Nov 27, 2016
                              the summary itself is beautiful, can't wait to read the whole book!
hemm0sphere hemm0sphere May 11, 2016
Okay remind me how guys in the fanfics always like pretty girls...
oreowon oreowon Apr 05, 2016
I may be late for this but wow, just wow. I mean, you're using the different way amazingly. Like you can just type 'He chooses to play the piano', but hell no this is perfect.
wickedely wickedely Mar 18, 2016
I love how comfortable he is with his mums. That's so sweet!
reflectives reflectives Dec 05, 2015
Finding a honestly well-written story on Wattpad, with great grammar and even better wording, is almost like the chances of it snowing in my town (SO RARE IT CAN'T EVEN BE CALLED RARE). You've hooked me and I'll be reading this story - definitely. 
                              Great start!