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Michela By michh_44 Updated Apr 02, 2019

👣 C L A S S I F I C A T I O N : Fantasy, Science Fiction, Action, and Mystery. 

👣 P R O M P T S : 
1. Suspense Fiction #5 (Red Petals)
2. Suspense Fiction #7 (Soul Sickness)
3. Suspense Fiction #10 (Faceless Creatures)
4. Thrilling Fiction #5 (Cursed Jewel)

Life has many things in store for Raiden within a week. His parents' debts result in his house being confiscated. His sister, Ece, is missing, leaving anemone petals as his only guide. Shortly afterwards, his ex-crush, who's supposed to be dying at the hospital, is alive without any traces of her sickness, and decides to visit him at his confiscated house. 

Criminalities also have tons of schemes for the city that week. The city's explorers have found two ransacked homeless shelters. Their inhabitants who are also immigrants are nowhere in sight. Six heists are reported by six sites, both artificial and natural ones. Jewels are stolen. It's as if they're back to the ages when the largest crime is thieving jewelry. 

Those who observe both occurrences can't help but to question the link between those events. Are those coincidences? Or is something bigger than their comprehension takes place? 

The city and its individuals shall be stunned by the bizarre, fantasy-related secrets their environment has always held all this time, as they try to solve the matters at hand.

👣 D E D I C A T I O N S : The amazing cover made by KatySantiago08. Check out her cover shop! And to all of you, who gives this book a chance by reading, voting, criticizing, or commenting it, your supports are more than appreciated. 

Best of luck to those also entering for ONC II! Also hope you guys enjoy reading this first attempt on both genres.

👣 A C H I E V E M E N T S :
1. Shortlisted in ONC's Round 3.
2. 1st place in The Blue Rose Awards for the Untold Story category (March).