In Difference   (Open Novella Contest 2019!)

In Difference (Open Novella Contest 2019!)

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Cj_Writes04 By Cj_Writes04 Updated Mar 14, 2019

Published: 02/01/2019

Finding a drug to cure all diseases is something Dr Angela Raiden dream off. She placed her entire life research into creating Drug 402, which should be able to rearrange certain DNA sequences that lead to a person having a disease or a negative mutation. Months turned into years, before she finally did it. In an experiment she discovered, the drug did what it was made to do, but more. It was able to not only rearrange dangerous sequences, but it also could destroy and rearrange normal and positive sequences, and could result in the host of the drug holding new abilities they didn't have before. Both negative and positive. With further study, this drug could have cured all, but she would have to recreate the drug, as removing the drug from the host's body would result in the death of the subject. This was all underway until Dr Raiden's research was stolen completely and leaked to the public. 
Some willing and some unwilling people were given the drug and live among normal human beings, trying not to be discovered as the military hunt them to steal the drug from their system and use it for their own purposes.
Everything was going to change for one ordinary school girl after she snuck out to a party celebrating the end of the first few weeks of her final year at school.