Dance with the Devil

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Easy to find what’s wrong. Harder to find what’s right. 
    Vee is a Hunter of the highest order. She is dedicated to her cause and performs her duties to the best of her ability. Risking life and limb if need be to succeed.  Hers is a life of honor and duty, but she doesn’t live in her world, she merely exists. Long ago she had closed her heart to the world, because joy was fleeting and not worth feeling the pain and sorrow left by the loss of her sister. She would rather feel nothing than have to relive that agony. 
     From the moment she watched her beloved sister stolen from her by one of those demons Vee knew the purpose of every breath she took. Destroy the vampires. She would not rest until the world was rid of them and the grief they left in their wake, until she knew no other family would be torn apart as hers was to sate their aberrant needs. 
    But when the true identity of the Master Vampire is revealed, the man every Hunter and Slayer in their clan have spent their lives hunting, Vee must make a choice. Let her instincts guide her and fulfill her duty. Or risk the pain and follow her heart.
    The first in my Music is My Muse series, this and all other M.I.M.M. Novels follow the same inspiration if not the same story line, music.
I don't normally write comments but I just wanted to say: I LOVED that ending, especially the last line ;) Very clever ending for a  fantastic book! :D
Awesome stirring story. Greatly laid out and very descriptive. I would definitely buy it if it were published. Great job!
Ok i need u to look up on youtube dance with the devil wow machinama and u will now belive how fucking creepy u writing this story ok plzz doit for me
I love this,vamp stories are hard to write these days,with stephanie meyer and her damned,crappy love triangles and fake pain!(rant over) This is amazingly unique,love it:)
Just gone done reading so good! Thanks for an awesome read!
This is the strongest writing I've found on this site.  Thanks so much and I know the rest of this story will be just as much quality as this first chapter.  I look forward to more of your stories.