An Unexpected Romance

An Unexpected Romance

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{Romance Series}
Book One!
|An Unexpected Romance|

Maddie and her girls are off on holiday, spending four weeks of uninterrupted bliss in the California sunshine.

The last thing Maddie expects to happen when she steps onto a plane with her girls, is to end up on a 13 hour flight with a gorgeous boy band. But that is what exactly happens to Maddie and her friends as they head to LA for a girly holiday to mend some broken hearts, get drunk and have a lot of fun. 
Along the way she ends up meeting Blake, a famous singer from the UK and part of boy band '4 Star'. 

Once they meet, they're instantly attracted to one another and Blake wants more than just a plane ride with this girl, making it his mission to see her again once they're in LA.

But what happens when both of your ex's get involved and are against you being together?
And crazy obsessed music video extra's think they're meant to be with you and don't want you seeing other people?

One word...Drama! That's what happens.

In the four weeks the girls spend in LA...Sparks fly, love ignites, rumours appear and hearts are broken. 

But in the end...does true love conquer all in the end?


|Credit to @_EnchantedLove for the cover|

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baseballgirl228 baseballgirl228 May 10, 2016
Okay question. What maddies real name? Is it Madison or Madelyn? I'm asking because that's my name 😂
coldeine coldeine Apr 10, 2016
So it's not just a typical all-white protagonist story, there's the same overused plot too
- - Nov 19, 2016
Can't wait to read the book😄I have a feeling it's gonna b good👍🏻
kiwixgvcci kiwixgvcci Apr 04, 2016
This is the third story in a row that I'm going to read that has a guy named Blake😂
Dss_1101 Dss_1101 Apr 05, 2016
I can't wait until you update! The plot sounds amazing, and I hope you get back in your writing groove. Also, I sent you a cover. I hope you like it.
lovetoread_12 lovetoread_12 Apr 05, 2016
Hi!! I sent u an email a few days ago about your cover... Just wondering if you got it or not?