Hyde & Seek ||A Crime Novella||

Hyde & Seek ||A Crime Novella||

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Beck By Beklet Completed

"Sometimes a bad person can do some good, just the same as a good person can do bad."


The crash still haunted her dreams, her dream career ripped away after one serious injury. But Max Hyde wouldn't let a fickle thing like a broken back keep her away from doing what she loved and so, the next logical step after recovery had been to become a getaway driver. A little drastic, she knew, but it led her down a path of successful work, becoming the best in the business.

Until she was caught, that is.

Now, with MI6 on the verge of catching the mercenary 'Queen' that Max had worked for, she is cut a deal from the agent who had imprisoned her in the first place, Esmond Carr. A man who got closer to her heart than any other. He lays out the terms; help catch the criminal, and be set free, with all bank accounts returned to normal and with no criminal record.

She accepts without question.

However, once the final hunt begins Max realises why she was being given so much in return for her help. With 'Queen' in control of a new drug called 'the Hiipe', the entire world is in danger, with the drug giving a high to the user for days on end before the mother of all crashes. Losing their mind and free will.

Being one of the few tasked with stopping what could only be described as the 'zombie apocalypse' and with her ex as her temporary boss...

Max's life had never been so complicated.

||Long-listed for Open Novella Contest 2019||
||Language warning||
||Featured in a Wattpad Action reading list||
||Highest Ratings #19 in Open Novella Contest 2019 and #13 in Crime Fiction||