Accidentally// Taylor Caniff

Accidentally// Taylor Caniff

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Anastasia Caniff By osnapitztaywor Completed

**The pictures at the top is how I imagine Haley**

Chapter 1

I was sound asleep in my apartment when someone very loudly, and rudely, started banging on my door. I rolled over and looked at the clock; it was 4 am. Fuck.

This better be important, or I just might kill someone I thought. I threw the sheets off and stood up. I looked down at myself an old beat-up t-shirt, flower panties, socks, and figured what the hell and went to go get the door. I undid the dead bolt and prayed one of my family members had died, honestly that was the only acceptable reason I could see for being woken up this early, or late depending how you looked at it.

When I opened the door I was not surprised to see Nash, Cameron, Shawn, Hayes , and (unfortunately) Taylor. I had known these guys forever, and loved them. Sometimes. When they didn't wake me up at 4 am.

I sighed, "What the fuck do you guys want."

They pushed their way passed me into the living room and started turning on lights and music.

I held...

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