The Chronicles Of The Council #1: The Sun's Tears (✔️COMPLETED)

The Chronicles Of The Council #1: The Sun's Tears (✔️COMPLETED)

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Liesl Stassen By ZoekieS Completed

The parallel lives of two princesses living a millennium apart are bound together in the most unlikely of ways. 

Princess Aebbé of Ardam, haunted by memories of a flash of lightning and burning flesh, returns to her home amidst a seemingly hopeless war. But all is not as it seems in Raven's Peak, and the greatest danger to Ardamland may be from within. 

More than a millennium later Laelia Darkwood, princess of the elves, feels that she doesn't truly belong in ArBrae Forest. Her fears are solidified by a series of events that would challenge the foundations of her understanding of who she is. 

Khairrim Cadeyrn, the Second of the Council, protects countless secrets. As Lord of Water and Elves, he knows what happened to the dragons, what lead to the murder of the Seventh of the Council, and the dark secrets behind King Ardam's successful conquests. However, his biggest secret is the one his family, The Council, and Ligtland must never discover.

How do events more than a millennium apart tie together? Why does no-one know why Aebbé of Ardam was cursed? Will Laelia unravel the mystery of the loss that is evident in Khairrim's blue eyes? 


Sometimes in order to find your path you have to get lost; sometimes you need to build the path; and sometimes your path is destined to lead you to places and people you never knew you lost.

The Chronicles of the Council - Book 1

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