Elevator 13

Elevator 13

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Megan By eternity_xx Updated Apr 13

~~Next thing I know, I'm pushed against the wall. Cade's arms surround me and his eyes look fierce, I glance to the sides to see if anyone is around but the hall is empty.

"Now you listen here, Doll." He says, I crumple into the wall, "I don't have to be here, I don't have to spend this time with you. So I wouldn't push it. Got it?" He tilts his head and raises his eyebrows.

"Got it." I squeak.

He huffs and pushes away from the wall, snatching one of the keycards out of my hold and walking through the door.~~

Hospitals. We all hate them.

Tamitha, aka Tammy, is a teenage girl going through a teenage life. When she wants to go to the biggest party of the year, her Mum and her decide to make an agreement.

Tammy will work at the hospital for three months, if she does this she can go to the greatest party of the year.

Even though she dreaded the job, she knew it would be easy, wandering around a hospital, helping out nurses and doctors, etc.

But she didn't expect Cade Roberts.

With the looks to melt any girl in a twenty-metre radius, she can sense the dangerous aura he brings. But why is she so attracted to him?

Filled with action, fast cars, relationships, and revenge. Tammy might have just got herself mixed up in a whole lot of trouble.

Badboy trouble.

What happens when he starts to pay Tammy more interest?

So could these next three months be a bigger challenge than Tammy expected?

Because she didn't expect elevator 13...

**Warning: Coarse language and extreme themes**

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  • boyfriend
  • cute
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  • friendship
  • love
  • racer
  • revenge
  • romance
  • teenage
She's seriously worried about that?!?! Her dad just freaking died! And all she cares about is that she had to live with her mom now? Wow, what a good daughter
SarcasticSinner SarcasticSinner Jun 08, 2016
What?! In my school they'd waste no time in giving you three hours detention
Loukeyy Loukeyy Oct 17, 2015
Heya! I can't talk right now, to busy crying with wilfred(the cactus) his hugs really hurt :(
UnknownLoverxo UnknownLoverxo Jun 25, 2015
Ooooo I just know something is going to develop with Tammy and Cade, he sounds so dreamy  xxx
UnknownLoverxo UnknownLoverxo Jun 25, 2015
I felt so bad when Jinas dad died. I didn't even know him and I feel sad, thats how you know you're an amazing writer. Can't wait to read Chapter 2 xxx