Book 3: You Don't Want My Love (Slash FanFic)

Book 3: You Don't Want My Love (Slash FanFic)

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YoureARayCatQueen By YoureARayCatQueen Updated Oct 11

Guns N'Roses continues their rise to fame after the release of their latest album, 'Use Your Illusion I & II'. Unfortunately for the band's infamous guitarist Slash, a new album means more time on the road-bad news for a man with pet snakes waiting for him back home!

In search of the perfect care taker, Slash initially turns away a gorgeous zoologist specializing in herpetology, who simply goes by the nickname 'Al'. After all, anyone with that kind of beauty certainly can't have the brains to go with it, right? That's Slash's thought process, anyway. But when one of his beloved pets falls ill under the care of another, it becomes apparent that Al may be the only one legitimately qualified to help. 

Women of the 80s were just on the cusp of a feminist revolution, pounding their fists against a cracking glass ceiling. Time to see what happens when Slash finally falls through. 

.Rated R.

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MadElder MadElder Sep 09, 2017
Wow. What a straight forward sentence..... 
                              I LOVE IT!!! I'M ADDICTED!!!!!!
I can't be the only one who isn't crazy about his hats! He looked so much better without
KaraelTheDemonslayer KaraelTheDemonslayer Feb 07, 2017
I rarely read fics about Slash, but I must say that your narration is getting me really invested 😍
Slaxl_is_life Slaxl_is_life Mar 04, 2017
Why is Steven there if the story is set in the Illusions' era? (Not complaining though cuz Stevie is bae af)
NickOlBacc NickOlBacc Jul 27
Where I met rock n' roll and fell in love with my best friend Steven Adler.