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That Night in Paris

That Night in Paris

119K Reads 3.5K Votes 16 Part Story
Senna Jane By GayShipQueen Updated Aug 16, 2016

Audrey Lyn Mallard, daughter of Colette and Kent Mallard, the owners of Mallard and Morgan Companies. She's one of Paris's most famous fashion designers. At age twenty three, she's at the top of her game. But when she's in Paris for a fashion debut, she runs into multi-billionaire, Dennis King's son, Jared King. 

Jared King, twenty five, a typical multi-billionaire heir player. Jared has been pampered his entire life, getting whatever he wanted when he wanted it. So when he saw Audrey sitting alone at a bar in Paris, he knew what he wanted. 

After one night together, Audrey wakes up the next morning and he's gone. Only a simple note in his place. She never even got his name. Feeling rejected and low, she heads back home early to talk to her best friend, Elsa Stewarts.

Not long after her little encounter with the tall stranger in Paris, Audrey falls pregnant. She doesn't bother trying to find the man who left her with his child, she's only worried about raising it. With her family and friends help, she does.

Six years pass, raising her child, now twenty-nine and a single mother. She's working one day when a familiar stranger and his younger sister walk right into her place of business. Only one thing on her mind, does he remember her?

*This is a spin-off of Born to Wed. I won't be writing this in the same way I wrote the other. Switching back and forth from one character to another each chapter got boring. So I'm just gonna wing it.*

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