✬Hope✬ A Superhero Roleplay (CLOSED)

✬Hope✬ A Superhero Roleplay (CLOSED)

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With every passing day, the citizens of Dayville are losing hope for a rescue. 

After the superheroes defending Dayville were defeated by Darkstrike and his sidekicks, the city of Dayville was taken over. All forms of communication with anyone outside the city was cut off. All color was derived from the once beautiful city. All creativity was crushed. 

After a freak accident involving eight teens and a freaky machine, heroes emerge from the darkness and begin to bring light to the city. 

But Darkstrike does not plan on defeat.

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Could I make a new villain? If you say yes, I’ll plan on introducing him during a future chapter
                              I've come to bug you two because I like rping with y'alls
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Also, is the green one taken? I cant remember the name crap the very last one
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Can i have the hypno one.. i said i wasnt going to be active but then you commented a lot were left so i had to hurry up and claim one lol
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I wont be able to do anything tonight if thats when you update it tho