Earning Her Trust

Earning Her Trust

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fashionqueen95 By fashionqueen95 Updated Sep 19, 2016

Avery Black has been abused by her Alpha ever since her parents died and her brother abandoned her. Her newfound freedom is short lived as she stumbles upon the most vicious packs territory. Alpha Derek is said to be so cruel that he's soulless and doesn't have a mate. But deep down he knows he has a mate out there somewhere, someone to love and to cherish.   

When the two finally meet, It's not what Derek expected. His poor little mate is damaged almost beyond repair. If he wants to be with her he has to work hard to break down her walls, show her he truly loves and ultimately earn her trust.

[warning: the abuse in this story is quite heavy and not everyone's cup of tea. It will also touch on bdsm and have mature scenes later on in the story. Please do not read if you are underage]

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CrownTheTeens CrownTheTeens Mar 15, 2015
omfg, who the hell is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if its that prick im gonna rip his tail off and shove i-  well yeah u know where that will go!