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Ren.e.gade (n) a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.

Synonyms: traitor, defector, Lara Ramos, turncoat

When fifteen year old Marina Ramos appears at Stark Tower, soaked to the bone and muttering something about a missing mother and a somewhat secret organisation, Pepper Potts can't help but take pity on her. Unsure how best to approach the evidently very traumatic memories herself, she enlists the help of her younger sister, Lynn Potts, a S.H.I.E.L.D agent with a background in detective work, to uncover what exactly led to this trembling young girl appearing upon the doorstep, terrified and murmuring about an organisation she should know far less about than she does. 

As time and conversations drag by, it becomes apparent that this young girl knows far more than she's letting on. Marina's quiet and unassuming nature may have fooled the other agents she'd come into contact with, but Lynn knew better than to be taken in by her shy facade, 

She knew because, once upon a time, she'd used the same disguise. 

However, before anyone can find much out from the young girl, she disappears from her room, leaving no traces of her behind. 

Following Marina's disappearance, Lynn finds herself assigned with working upon the team tasked with locating her, and her runaway mother. 

The mother who may or may not have betrayed the very organisation Lynn works for, and may or may not have a death sentence upon her head.

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