Your Mr. Zaffre

Your Mr. Zaffre

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ASMEERA By asmeer_farazain Updated Feb 09

It's all started when I was moving towards my cabin. I bumped into her and the glass of water which she was holding fell onto my white coat.
"I'm sorry" she muttered with a choked voice, getting panic. She suddenly grasped the coat from my forearm as she noticed my wet coat.
"It's all right. It's just a coat. calm down." I said calming her and took my coat from her hands.
"What happened?" I asked 
She looked up with her misty and puffy eyes, the strains of tears on her cheeks were making me numb. She shook her head as no and left.

I saw her crying by sitting on the bench, cupping her head with her hands, keeping elbows on her legs, through my cabin. Ya Allah, please help her to face this situation from which she is suffering. I can't see her like this. I went to the receptionist and asked "who is that girl? What happened to her?" Pointing towards the bench where she was sitting.
The receptionist replied, "Sir, there's no one."
I turned to find her but she was gone.

Ameerah is a Muslim, Moody, less talkative girl. who is satisfied with her life. She fell into the immense misunderstanding about her friend. A girl who struggles with her feelings and decisions. Always try to make her parents happy.

On the other hand, Aarish is an architectural student, who has to suffer from an unexpected situation. He used to blame himself for destroying someone's life, which he doesn't.

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