Legacy I: Ascension

Legacy I: Ascension

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SL Lam By 19lams5 Updated Mar 15

A little boy looks up at the stars, unaware that the galaxy has grand plans for him.

The son of the Dynastian faces many challenges. He must rise up to become a leader one day. While the galaxy is largely at an uneasy peace cosmic forces are shifting, grinding the gears of conflict and war. Dynastian apparent Solomon will have to train and drill hard in order to become the leader the people he will lead one day deserves, but his abilities will hardly be his chief concern.

While gifted in tactical and analytical thinking, Solomon is lacking in emotions. Resourceful and witty, other characters will often rely on him to help them improve, but the question lingers-how many burdens can Solomon afford to take on before his emotional complex crumbles?

Forces around him scheme. Not all is as it seems. Navigating the academies in his youth will earn the ire of many enemies who would see him removed. Allies will be few and far between, each with motives of their own.

The first of two novels, follow the youth of Solomon as he rises through the ranks, earning the respect and admiration of most but facing loss and estrangement with those who matter most before he ascends to defend the galaxy as a military commander.

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