Quirkless Combat Class

Quirkless Combat Class

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🍞🇵🇭バン-キュ♔ By Pandesal-Queen Updated Jan 01

Being a new teacher is quite unnerving, but for what it's worth UA needed you. An outstanding undercover agent from the US who is requested by Principal Nezu himself for you to come teach at UA with a new course. You being quirkless and all, a perfect teacher for Quirkless Combat Course also known as QCC. 

•I do not own Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia's plot and characters. Those credits belong to Kohei Horikoshi. 
•I only own my own created characters, art, outfit ideas and (back)story for the protagonist in this story, the reader.
•There are characters owned by other people who won the fanart contest to have their OCs implemented into the story. 

Pandesal-Queen as the Author. 
LittleShyGhost2000 as the Co-Editor. 

⚠️Side Note: This story is connected to my other work, "The Invisible Performance." It's like how the manga "Vigilantes" is connected to the BNHA series. Therefore, this will contain some characters such as Harumi, Sachi, Rieko, Toshiaki, and Hajime.