Wife swap: The Cullens vs The Mclains

Wife swap: The Cullens vs The Mclains

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Acceptance and a video

Emmett POV

"Yay" I heard Alice say from upstairs. I was lying on the couch with Rosalie lying on top of me and we were both watching a car race. I heard the postman at the mailbox.

"Emmett, we're in. It starts in a week." Alice told me.

"Yes, woo-hoo," I yelled. We did it; we would be on national television.


"Alice, you're a genius, we should so do it," I said. Everyone except Edward, were out hunting so now was the perfect time. Alice and I were signing our family up for Wife Swap.

"It's okay, I already filled out the form," Alice told me.

"This is such a stupid idea, don't even think about it." Edward said, "Esme and Carlisle will be so mad." I rolled my eyes. Party pooper, I thought dryly.

"Edward, come on, it's worth a shot. It'll be so much fun," Alice whined. I got what she was doing; we would annoy Edward into letting us do it.

"Please Eddie boy, it'll be great," I said emphasizing the 'Eddie.'

"Don't call me that," he replied and he c...

ahkmenlove ahkmenlove May 31, 2017
*pulls out a knife while standing outside the Cullen house* YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!
CreepyMuffin15 CreepyMuffin15 Feb 02, 2014
One of the best wife swap books!!! I really enjoyed reading this!!!! :D
kittycat2222 kittycat2222 Jan 29, 2014
wow she must be self centerd to think this. especially if she is a lazy person who makes her children do all the work in the house
tayla141 tayla141 Mar 15, 2013
sorry but you have the ages mix up Renesmee you said was 7 then said she is 11.Great story so far.
EmilySmith268 EmilySmith268 Jun 10, 2012
I think you should put a bit about lulu's family (what happens next)
onlyareader1996 onlyareader1996 Jul 27, 2011
hilarius!!!!!!!!! this story is really good, but i feel sorry for the "pudle's" children :P