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Champion of Fire and Magic

Champion of Fire and Magic

35.2K Reads 1.1K Votes 15 Part Story
wielderofriptide By wielderofriptide Updated Aug 08, 2016

Betrayed and forgotten after the arrival of his new half-brother Percy is banished from camp. After leaving for England he becomes the champion of Hecate and Hestia. The goddess of magic tells him about her eldest son Albus Dumbledore needing help stopping an evil wizard. So where is Percy sent? Hogwarts, of course, to protect Harry. After TLO, before GoF. Percy/Fleur pairing.

limonlimemoonpie limonlimemoonpie Jun 22, 2016
When percy enters to the hogwart's express let him and Draco know each other
Eli218 Eli218 May 26, 2016
whats with the wands can't he just conjure spells with his hands and the way he can conjure the spells is through a semplance on both of his palms.
jellydino95 jellydino95 Feb 01
When I saw the title all I saw was the champion of Fi and I'm thought it said Champion of Fishsticks
HLaisa HLaisa Apr 23, 2016
Aaand here I feel that this book is going to be discriminating Slytherins once again
a_part_of_the_fandom a_part_of_the_fandom Aug 23, 2016
You... You ruined percabeth... How dare you *points at you with knife* sobbing uncontrollably *drops knife and falling down on ground* 
                              *screams* NO MORE BLUE COOKIES FOR YOU
grettkit grettkit Jun 16, 2015
most of the stories where no one believes Percy could be solved by a little swearing on the Styx. Just saying.