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The Art Of Seduction(Slowly Editing...)

The Art Of Seduction(Slowly Editing...)

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unpronounceable By No_Limitations Completed

I let a smirk take it's place on my face as I sauntered over towards him. He looked very amused, but I knew what I was doing.

"I heard you're a player." I stated innocently, looking deeply into his cerulean eyes. 

 "What's it to you?" his eyes squinted together as if trying to figure out my intentions. 

I rubbed my hands together and chuckled humorlessly.  "Well I'm a player too, and I want to play a little game."

 He crossed his arms and leaned back against the lockers. "Do tell."
I could tell he was playing along, thinking I was joking around and flirting as always. He was so wrong. In fact, I'd never been more serious in my life.

"That's the fun part. We're going to be exclusive." I noted gesturing to the both of us. "We'll do everything like a real couple. Kiss, hold hands, go on dates; the whole package. The first person to fall in love loses."

parrisgirl958 parrisgirl958 Sep 13, 2016
My aunt says that all the time. "Life sucks and then you die."
i've been waiting for a story like this since like, i first started wattpad... best thing thats eva happened 2 me :)
Jessica1172 Jessica1172 Apr 21, 2016
Nooo burhh I am from Canada and let me just tell to that sandy beaches and Palm trees sound like paradise
parrisgirl958 parrisgirl958 Sep 13, 2016
I'm the complete opposite. I'm from Florida and I practically live on the beach but I recently moved to New Jersey. I hate snow, can't stand it.
kananugitonga kananugitonga Oct 23, 2015
Yoo!!,,.confidence!!,,.not bad so far.. Could use a bit more umph.. So that it doesn't end up being a cliche.. Otherwise.. I love the idea.. Looking forward to more!!,,
miss_wato miss_wato May 31, 2015
my first quote from this book and I love it. #art_of_seduction