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The Time Traveling Blossom Kunoichi  (Naruto fanfic/Itachi love story)

The Time Traveling Blossom Kunoichi (Naruto fanfic/Itachi love story)

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Monkey D. Hime By Hime_chan10 Completed

Sakura Haruno a twenty-one year old Kage level Kunoichi is the only survivor of the 4th Shinobi War. She has witnessed all those she cared about die in battle to protect their precious village. She's now the only Kunoichi in the Leaf Village when she encounters the surviving Uchiha. She fought her hardest when she got caught in a genjustu that took her life. Now in the afterlife, she has one final mission to change the past by becoming a genin again. The good part is that she will have her memories and Charka reserve but she must hide it really well. Now she must changed the past and not let the future happened again.

*Cover made by @CaptainMax101*

- Started on June 02, 2014 
- Completed on October 18, 2015

lisaluna456 lisaluna456 Feb 27
Do not read this because it kinda spoils something...
                              She ended up with itachi😭 I wish it could have ended with the harem. But I will love this book anyways
flutteringlively flutteringlively Mar 19, 2016
Not to be offensive or anything but for a girl it's reverse harem while for a guy surrounded by a lot of girls is the one called harem. But I still like the idea
- - May 23, 2016
i know its weird but i have a odd craving for pizza or burgers  after i read this
NinaChiery NinaChiery Feb 03, 2016
It seems I always picked up sakura's harem fanfic~ welp. My favorite anyway~ continue reading!!! XD
GoodThoughts534 GoodThoughts534 Jul 29, 2016
@Hime_chan10 I looked at your profile and thought of naruhina cause of adrinette (I think I spelled it right) just change that eye color and awesomeness
TheLostPen TheLostPen Nov 23, 2016
Hihi she wasn't even surprised. But then again, if I'm being honest, whenever I read a sakura time travel fic, I skip the parts where she was confused as to what was going on, or when she wondered if being in the past is real, and immediately proceed to her game plan. So good job anyway.