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L.B. Shimaira By Shimaira Completed

Dark Fantasy // Paranormal // Horror // Novel
Aislinn is plagued by nightmares of demons who are after her life. The boundary between dreams and reality seems to fade a little bit more with each nightmare she has. Strangely, one of her friends turns out to know more about what's going on and he tries to help her. However, her problems aren't that easily solved, and it seems things will only get worse--especially when her friend turns out to be more than just an ordinary friend.
As the story goes on, more becomes clear about the demons that hunt her, and why...

Highest ranking: Fantasy #35

Note: this is the draft/unpolished version. I will publish Millennium one day with all the feedback and tips for improvement I get on this version.

aimia012 aimia012 Dec 30, 2016
hi shimaira.. i already done reading this . and im still waiting for the  continuation.. book 2 ???
- - May 17, 2016
I've finished reading this amazing book from my previous account that has been deleted so I came back because I feel the need to vote for it. Hi Shimaira. Have a nice day (:
AnkhGoddess AnkhGoddess Aug 22, 2016
At first I thought the girl had schizophrenia and then I realized oh no she's talking to a demon
stupidthoughts- stupidthoughts- Jun 20, 2016
Oh my god this is cool because my best friends name is Aislinn and I rarely see her name in books---actually this is the 1st time I've ever seen it in a book.
Cla1rKat Cla1rKat Nov 01, 2015
Excited to read another one of your amazing books. Already knoq this is going to be great, especially since there is a content warning...I gotta start doing that
ViolentVerbalist ViolentVerbalist Jul 25, 2015
hi! I'm new here so I haven't read all that much stuff on here yet, but this intro is the best thing I've read so far. very good writting! I have no idea how to pronounce the girls name so she will be Lynn in my head haha!
                              anyway just wanted to tell you how good this is so far :)