Falling 4 Them | #WATTYS2019

Falling 4 Them | #WATTYS2019

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Billuminatalie By LeAdminBlue Updated Aug 09

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The two sat on the rooftop looking at the sunset, The Brunette girl looked to her imaginary friend

"It's pretty up here, Don't you think?" She asked him, Knees clutched close to her chest, Arms wrapped around them.

"Yeah, It is, Isn't it?" He replied, Smiling, Then he looked to her; The girl's hair  flowed perfectly in sync with the brisk, Cold Air of the approaching night. Her imaginary friend just sighed. Trying to find the right way to say what he needed to say. 

"Doll, What would happen if I ever left? What'd you do?" He asked, The girl looked at him, Surprised. She looked down, Thinking of the answer she knew he wanted to hear

"Well, I'd be waiting for you, Of course" She answered, The lively glow in her eyes remained

"Doll, Promise me, You'd do that for me?" He said, Gripping on her hand.

"I promise." She said with a forced smile, Knowing what would happen next

The sky began to dim, And he brought her back inside and tucked her into bed. Kissing her on the forehead, He sat by her bed and sang

"We'll meet again, 
Don't know where, 
Don't know when, 
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day..." He sang, His weight on the bed seemed to have faded in just seconds.

And the girl was left alone. Feeling a cold tear stream down her cheek. 

Then she woke up.


The adopted daughter of the Strictest Math Teacher, The level Coordinator, And the niece of The School's Principal has been faced with many challenges. But suffering so many years in silence, Waiting for her imaginary lover to return once more.

She was losing faith, Slowly beginning to forget the promise they had made on the rooftop so many years ago. It was time to move on.

So many boys were after her in school. Maybe now was the time she really set him behind. 

This is a story of Demons, Magic, Love, And much more. I hope you all enjoy reading one story I'm proud of calling my own.

-May contain a lot of reference
-Started November 2018
-Finished June 2019