+ The BabySitter +

+ The BabySitter +

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Location- Maria's Room
Date- July 14, 2014
Time- 12:45Pm

Summer is almost over, and school is right around the corner. Thank god, because I'm so sick of babysitting my younger brother, Brandon , I've been watching him every summer since I was in second grade and he was just a month old. 

My parents are always gone doing some, god knows what. I enjoy babysitting just not when I want to go out, and do something. 

"Maria, are you going to do it or not ?" Lauren said, bring me out my thoughts.

"Huh ? Do what ? I wasn't listening."

"Are you going to try out ?" 

"No, I hate basketball. I prefer sticking to cheerleading." 

"I stopped talking about that an hour ago."

"Then, what you talking about ?" 

"Look here." She said, while turning the computer screen toward me. She pointed to a picture of August Alsina, and his son, Anthony. 

"Okay, what about them ?" 

"OMG ! At the top...

I woulda been on sc like.
                              Ya bïtch just got a job as August babysitter so all y'all basic bïtches can hop off my man . Ehhh y'all thought. Goodbye, y'all dismissed. -pulls out knife- don't comment on his pictures no more either 😂😂.
                              Then I would've been fired
KingSaucy KingSaucy Sep 08
😂😂😂 I woulda been like Aug hol uh Lauren u late calling bitch!!! Ima call u back 
                              Ohk Whea were we
I love the song ghetto,ik rich homie Quan part and everything
Girl I did Basketball,track,volleyball AND baseball.Thats how you get a GREAT body😘😍
Daaang not his girl not his bff nah just the mother if his child
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