I Swear I'm Not Crazy (Sample)

I Swear I'm Not Crazy (Sample)

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"FIGHTING AGAIN!?" My mom, Sharon yelled at me as she furiously cut up carrots. "Yes but, it was for a good cause." I explained, trying to reason with her. 

She slammed the knife on the counter and turned towards me placing her hands on her hips, "NIA! When is breaking a girls nose a good cause!?" She snapped. 

"When some bitc-" I paused catching myself before I got slapped, "When some chick wants to talk about my mom!" I snapped. 

"I'm a grown ass woman I don't care what some little girl says. I can't with you anymore I don't know what to do with you!" She sighs rubbing her temples. 

"You're moving in with your father." 


Nia Carter got into another fight again, her mom is furious. What's happens when she has to go and live with her father and his home-wrecking wife in New York?

Warning: The spelling and grammar is bad and there are a lot of plot holes even though I'm trying to edit it. But if you make it to the end then you'll get a bag of skittles (not from me, but one day in the future someone else will give you Skittles).