Our Weird Relationship (BWWM)

Our Weird Relationship (BWWM)

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Kari Hampton By karrie_999 Completed

I Nia Gardson hated Aiden Thomas with all my guts, and I'm sure he hated me too. With his blonde hair, icy blue eyes and that smirk of his, it really got to me. And when he looked at me, I couldn't help but feel something other than hatred, maybe lust? But it couldn't be because I am not attracted to Aiden Thomas in any way. He is an arrogant douche, and trust me, I wasn't his type. He went for anything with a pretty face.  And I for one, didn't care what he thought of me. Aiden Thomas just really got under my skin, and I didn't like it...

"I probably sound insecure and scary right now, but that's what happens when boys get under your skin. They make you feel things you've never felt before and it completely fucks up your mind."

Find out what happens to the two opposites and fall in love with their weird love. Their weird Hate, Their Weird Relationship.

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LSJMN2000 LSJMN2000 Jul 16, 2017
My initials are LMN (If I don't count my irrelevant middle names)
LSJMN2000 LSJMN2000 Jul 16, 2017
I woulda said "because I don't like guys. I'm a lesbian 😊🖕🏾"
Sin_XX_ Sin_XX_ Dec 13, 2017
My inital is SOB... pretty sure they predicted how my life would turn out..
YourDearestMother YourDearestMother Sep 14, 2017
“Well you’re wrong. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover.” 😂 This meme is so annoying